Practical Life – Social Skills: Grace & Courtesy

The lead up to Christmas can be quite stressful for parents and children due to the potential disruption to routine and the amount of people to meet and greet!

In Practical Life, one of the 5 Montessori curriculum areas, a skill that is taught is Grace and Courtesy which is a part of the social skills program. It assists the child to engage in their environment appropriately, positively and independently. 

Today Ais is talking about specific areas of practical life, Social Skills and Grace and Courtesy. They are both linked as one is a function of the other. To maintain social relationships you must have some level of Grace and Courtesy.

This Christmas is a great time to sit down with your child and teach them some skills and social expectations.

“When someone comes to the door at Christmas time is is polite when we say “Hello, Happy Holidays!”” Role play with your child! Practise with them! 

Provide your child with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate social etiquette these holidays!

To watch Ais talk about specific topics for Grace and Courtesy click the link below:


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