Moveable Alphabet

Product Description:

The moveable alphabet is a large box with 26 compartments, one for each letter. The vowels are blue and consonants are red. The activities performed by the children prepare them for reading, writing and spelling.


The lessons can be performed with one to four children who are all at the same stage of learning.

Firstly, place the box on the mat. Open the lid of the box and let your children examine the letters. You can start to ask them to find certain letters by asking them to search for phonetic sounds. When the children have finished finding letters, place them back into their proper compartment. This is helping them to see where the letters are and reinforcing the sound of letters and what they look like.

The next step is for the children to form words. The materials are set out as before. We start with words that have three phonetic letters. You can say to your children, let’s make the word “cat”. Then “What sounds can you hear when I say the word cat?” The children will say sounds they hear, possibly in the correct order. You place them in the correct order as they say them. If the children have not listed all of the sounds, say “What else can you hear?” Repeat this until the children have listed all of the sounds. You then read the word back saying each letter phonetically, then saying the whole word. You can then go onto making some more three letter phonetic words.

To see a demonstration of this resource, please view the video below.

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