25 Things You Can Cook with Kids Under 6!

The idea of cooking with kids can be stressful! The mess, the time, the possible disasters! But once you give it a go, it is so much fun! Since my son was fifteen months old we have had him involved in the kitchen and we are not at the stage of showing him how to bake.

Here are 25 recipes you can cook with kids under five:

  1. Tacos Dice the tomatoes, grate the cheese and shred the lettuce
  2. Quiche Crack the eggs, dice the ham and grate the cheese
  3. Making Pasta Crack the eggs, sift the flow, roll the dough, put the dough through the machine
  4. Fruit Skewer Snacks Wash and dice the fruit, and threat it on to the sticks
  5. Cookies Help your kids measure the ingredients, mix, divide and squash them
  6. Pizza Ask your kids measure the ingredients, roll the dough, cut the ingredients and grate the cheese
  7. Chicken Nuggets Crack the eggs, roll the breast in crumbs
  8. Lasagna Cut ingredients, grate the cheese, measuring and laying the sheets
  9. Toasties Cutting and spreading the butter
  10. Salad Cutting, dicing, shredding and washing
  11. Making Bread Sifting, measuring, mixing, rolling dough, baking
  12. Meatballs Measuring, dicing, grating, cracking eggs, mixing, dividing and rolling
  13. Smoothies Dicing, peeling, measuring and blending
  14. Bacon and Scrambled Eggs with Hash Browns Cracking eggs, scrambling, measuring and grating potatoes
  15. Fried Rice Dicing, measuring and cracking eggs
  16. Hummus veggie sticks Slicing, cutting, washing and blending
  17. Pie Measuring, mixing, rolling, dicing and baking
  18. Making Butter Measuring, mixing, pouring and spreading
  19. Pretzels Measuring, mixing, rolling, cutting and twisting
  20. Porridge Pouring, mixing, using the microwave
  21. Bangers and Mash Sausages with mashed potatoes. Get the little ones scrubbing them, and those capable, peeling and cutting them up!
  22. Ice Blocks Dicing, slicing, peeling, blending and freezing
  23. Crackers with cheese tomato Slicing, spreading
  24. Ice Cream Pouring, mixing and more freezing
  25. Soup Cutting, dicing, mixing, pouring and boiling

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