Have you found your village?

Recently we started running a free playgroup in the Redlands QLD, aimed at bringing mums together and to give the kids a run around in an amazing outdoor environment.

What I have learned is that I am not the only one who felt they found their village when they discovered Montessori. I discovered Montessori over four years age and can genuinely say that when I learnt about the method, my life changed. I finally had something that made sense. I felt that as a parent, I was no longer alone.

What drew me towards the Montessori method was the focus on independence within the child, the drive to provide an environment that promoted intrinsic motivation – where my child could feel success within themselves and not be defined by somebody else’s version of success. I loved that it allowed children to become confident learners, to follow their interests and that children were able to do this in their own time.

My husband was drawn to the orderly environments and that everything had its place. he learnt about the method in more detail through watching me on my journey.

Loving Montessori has no prerequisites – you do not have to be rich, or wear cheesecloth clothing. You don’t have to have baby-wear or practice Attachment Parenting or only eat raw foods you’ve grown yourself. Montessori is for everyone and I believe it makes parenting easier and more enjoyable.

My introduction to Montessori was through reading the book ‘Montessori Madness’. It opened up a world to me that was logical and made education make sense. This was the way out children should be taught. As I discovered more and more and read more blogs, books and watched videos – I learnt how I could ‘live’ Montessori at home. It wasn’t just an educational method. It was a way of life.

In the coming months, we will be sharing videos and blogs on implementing Montessori at home, and how it works from a parenting perspective.

Now it’s your turn to tell it, how did you discover Montessori? Have you found your village? Comment below.

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