How Montessori Changed my Life – Joanne McCarthy

Studying an education degree, your head is like a sponge. Soaking up all of this information about instructional methods, behavioural expectations, catering to every child’s needs whilst using assessment and instructional methods that don’t initially compute… it didn’t make sense. So much conflicting information made my head spin! How do you apply all of this amazing theory into practice?

I came across Montessori in my studies and nodded my head at the theoretical approach and philosophy to enable independence in students, but it wasn’t until seeing this philosophy in action that I realised Montessori is so much much more, it made sense. Montessori differentiates for every learning, caters to the diverse needs of every child, fosters independence, co-constructs the learning experience and promotes a love of learning.

Not only did Montessori philosophy SAY it did all of these things, it provided this in its everyday pedagogy. It proved its method with research, case studies and consistent day to day instruction with students. The teachers observed, reflected and adjusted the intentional teaching episodes to address the learners’ needs. Montessori educators implemented the philosophy at home with their OWN children, they believed in it that much.

The metaphorical tape that binds educational theory and practises is through the Montessori Method.

The Montessori Philosophy taught me to be more reflective, mindful and observant educator. It taught me about the standard set by Montessori educational centres and the type of teacher I want to be.

I have met so many passionate educators and professionals that are focused on bringing quality education to students. It’s no just theory to them, it’s every day, every lesson, every child.

Montessori changed my life.

Joanne McCarthy, Brisbane

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