Why State Schools Should Lead the Way in Change

We all know that the education system needs to change. We cannot keep doing what we have always done because the world has changed dramatically, and yet education has not.

I hear and see a lot of information on the High School years and Universities, however there seems to be very little reflected information in the media on the importance of the Early Years.

Government wants to make changes so more parents can go ‘back to work’, but the conversation is rarely on the importance of a high quality, holistic start for our kids.

Many families in our country can afford to choose a Private School for their children, some parents really don’t care about their child’s education (minority). State Schools should be the ones who can change the fastest. They are the ones that should be able to adapt and introduce a new way of learning for the kids in their area.

There is lots of talk about schools making changes, and acceptable pedagogies coming into play, and flexible learning (standing desks, working outside etc) however you can’t just change desks and teach the same way and think that will solve the problem!

Montessori has been around for over 100 years, and her method works extremely well across the globe. It is basically the answer everyone is trying to find/reinvent, because they have some sort of hang up on the ‘M’ word.

I am passionate about more children having access to Montessori, and believe State Schools is the place to start.

If you agree and would love to join our State Schools and Montessori Think Tank, please email rebecca@iammontessori.com.au!

Look forward to hearing from you! 

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