I AM Montessori was created to fill a major gap in the
market for parents looking to provide an alternative form of education for
their children in the critical early years of their lives.

 The Montessori method is a gorgeous form of education,
which is not only something that stays in the classroom but transcends into the
everyday life of the child.

 The children who attend Montessori school or classes
are given the ability to direct their own learnings and discoveries, connect
with the world from their own eyes, learn to respect themselves, others and
their environment giving them confidence, independance, and joy.

 Our goal is to empower and assist the parents to
implement the Montessori method easily at home and in play, giving access to
quality and affordable materials that can be purchased online or at our

 We are all about giving children the head start that
the Montessori method can give them, in a way they can implement in the real
world environment and at mainstream schools.

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