Introduction to Montessori

Have you been looking for a course that will give you the perfect foundation to build from on your Montessori Journey?

I AM Montessori and Montessori Training Australia are proud to bring you this two day course that will give you the right foundation to get started. Whether you are a child care educator, family day care educator, school teacher, or parent, this workshop can really help you understand the why behind the method and sets you up from the beginning to get things right!

The Course covers two full days:

Day 1:
Introduction to Montessori philosophy
Brief history of Maria Montessori

Four planes of development
Absorbent mind
Sensitive Periods

Setting up the environment
The 5 areas
The key materials
Day 2:
The meaning of Montessori “Jargon”
Challenging stages
Importance of the adults

Fostering independence
Choices and limits

The “why’s” of Montessori

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